There she goes again!

Well, here I go again – sort of…

Last June I had the good fortune to live one of my lifelong dreams and run 26.2 amazing miles in the Seattle Rock N Roll marathon in support of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. In the process I proved to myself that I (that anyone) truly can do anything we set our hearts and minds on. That knowledge will be a gift I carry with me for the rest of my life.

However, that being that “first” experience, anything else I do will inevitably pale in comparison. But I loved the training, loved meeting so many new friends (some of whom I have “kept” beyond just the event itself), and, yes, even loved those early morning dark and cold Saturday runs because the goal itself kept me moving and motivated. I also learned of the heartbreak that Leukemia and Lymphona strikes into the lives of many, and that it so often strikes young people. I almost could not bear how many 9, 10, 11 year old boys I learned were struggling with this hideous cancer during my 5 months of training (and, honestly, that particular aspect of this illness continues to piss me off).

What do I do with all that? I decided not to even try to compare last year to this year, but I knew I still wanted to participate. So, instead of running a marathon, I am walking a half marathon. I can’t do that without training, but it will require me to acquire a new discipline as well – patience. It will allow me to savor the moments, smell the flowers, and take in a little more of the journey along the way.

I cannot begin to express the gratitude I felt at the generosity of my friends and family in donating on my behalf last year. It’s not easy to come back and ask that you give again, but until there is a cure, there is still a need, so I humbly ask that you consider donating again.

Walk on,


2 Comments on “There she goes again!”

  1. gail murray says:

    Just revisited the Blog so I could hear about Hawaii. WHAT? No posts. Or else I’m not lookin’ in the right place!

    • lydakay says:

      Just got back from Hawaii last night at 11 – and I am now uploading pics to Facebook, so not to worry, blog post to come!

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